Monday, July 23, 2012

H O T!

It is oppressively hot and humid in Minneapolis (and all over the country).  I walk 3 miles around a local lake every morning, but this morning, I stepped out and was knocked over by the humidity....the dew point is 76..YUCK!

As for quilting, my first attempt at making a quilt last fall was disastrous! I saw a tutorial for a "Garden Windows" block made with "Echo"..fell in love with it.  So I went to and bought a TON of fabric and attempted to make a quilt.  I did not properly square up the blocks and when I sewed the two groups of 8 blocks together and then attempted to join them, it was a hot mess!  One section was 8 inches longer and a few inches wider..YIKES!  So, after making that cute mini hexi table runner last week, I decided to rip the quilt top apart, un-pieced all of the blocks and now I'm making a hexi something-or-other..we'll see!


  1. Hexies are something I've not learned how to make yet.
    I keep learning new things, but for the most part, my quilting is a "hot mess" as you say.

    1. Hexies are fun and fast. You should check out that link to the tutorial from my last post, she has a really great way of putting them together and they never come apart when you remove the template!