Tuesday, September 25, 2012

WIP Wednesday!

All day today, Tuesday, I thought that it was Wednesday and I couldn't figure out why nobody else was posting their WIP Wednesday..just figured it out (at 2030) that TODAY IS TUESDAY!  Scary!  The following post was written this morning (Tuesday).  I am done with the quilting (which you can see in my "Cat on Quilt" post..finished constructing the binding too, so I will only have to sew the binding on my next day off (Friday)!

Written Tuesday morning (thinking it was Wednesday):

I am FINALLY almost done with the Lilly Belle birthday quilt for my Mom.  Her birthday is Thursday but she is driving up to Minneapolis on Saturday to spend the day with my sister and me.  I only have 5 small row of quilting left, but I'm in the middle, at the point where it's hard to maneuver the fabric around.  I could have easily finished last night but like all things in life, I procrastinated and will finish the quilting (and binding) today.

I am going to reward myself with a 7 mile walk.  we are having some beautiful, warm fall weather in Minneapolis and I HAVE to get out and enjoy it.  I usually walk 4 miles, 7 days a week but I've been adding one longer walk a week.  The parks and trails and lakes and parkways in Minneapolis are so fantastic that I cannot resist taking FULL advantage of them!


  1. That quilt is gorgeous! I love the colors, and the quilting is really nice. Enjoy your walk!

  2. I like the wavy---waviness?
    I enjoy seeing what others are up to each week....and what they are getting done.

  3. Thanks. I love WIP Wednesday! It's great inspiration.